That good feeling...

October 10, 2017


The moment you realize .. wow I love doing this ..I love making a bride feel beautiful. That genuine smile and happiness she gets when she looks in the mirror and is just blown away. Last week I had a bride sister and mother of bride and all of them were very beautiful all I did was just enhance their features. "Wow were keeping her in the family!!" said the mother of bride. I was very pleased that the satisfaction was in fact there at that very moment. My best friend did their hair and it was everything they wanted in a hair look. 


I always wanted to be a makeup artist and now I'm doing it, living it and breathing it. Im still learning with each passing day but with every face I touch I learn a little more. I gain confidence, knowledge. I use my personal skills to ensure we have a great connection with each other. Its not just about makeup application. Its about their story who they are. They picked you, trusted you on their big day or life event. Its better to establish a relationship now to prepare for the future. That way they can call you again for the next event.


All I can say is I'm grateful I've had this opportunity. That I took a leap and decided to do this. Ive worked in hospitality, retail management all that jazz. But none of that compares to doing what I'm doing now. Ive worked my butt off in the past. Working crazy hours on my feet all day but something was missing everyday I came home. I didn't feel satisfied. I didn't feel like I accomplished anything. Yes I made sales and increased engagement with my associates but that wasn't for my benefit was it? No. I wanted to work hard and be on my feet all day to go home and say wow that was amazing we made everyone so happy and you receive gratitude for it.


Working in retail I was just a number. Just like a report administered every day. There was always that void. Now I can say I'm happy and I can't wait to continue to grow and develop new skills. 


Ive realized you should do what ALWAYS makes you happy even though its cliche. Work hard and do it no-one is stopping you. If one can do it why can't u do it 10x harder? Of course you'll come across those who won't believe in you or tell you your not good enough but so what keep going don't give up. Thats exactly what I'm doing. 


Chase that good feeling ... That satisfaction and you will be HAPPY everyday..I guarantee it.




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