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September 9, 2017



Hi makeup lovers ! Happy Saturday! Today my mind is on all those who want to get out there and do what u love. Today I decided to create my website. It isn't the first time I've created a website  i had so many in the past years but never really had time to maintain and post things. So here I am today giving it all I got. I will commit to posting videos and writing on here any chance I get. My heart is 100% in it and so is my mind. I live in New York, the city that never sleeps and I intend to live by that motto and stay up all night to do things I love to do. 


If you feel you have a passion for something go for it give it all you got! Don't knock it till you try it! Trust me it won't be days not even months but years will pass and you will have grown so much and possibly be known on either social networks like instagram or YouTube. 


So with that being said I challenge you.. challenge you to do what you love.. take a leap of faith. And most of all trust yourself because if u don't who will? 



shes one of a kind.

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